At EvergreenHealth Heart & Vascular Care we bring together clinically sophisticated, comprehensive care for the heart, veins, and arteries with a highly-trained, compassionate staff who are committed to being your healthcare partner, ensuring that you have the best experience with the best outcomes.
Through our cardiologists, patients have access to the full continuum of care for cardiac evaluation, diagnostic testing, and intervention for virtually all cardiac conditions – from stress tests, to nuclear cardiology, to angioplasty, to rehabilitation. With our strategic partnership with Virginia Mason, our cardiologists can coordinate patient care for electrophysiological procedures and open heart surgery.
Our vascular surgeons provide the full range of vascular treatments for all peripheral vascular diseases and conditions – from spider veins, to blocked arteries, to aneurysms, to stroke.
Our cardiologists, vascular surgeons and their staffs pride themselves on both the quality of caring they provide and the results of that care. Our cardiologists, for example, consistently earn high marks on our patient satisfaction surveys, and our vascular patients say they feel treated “like family.” Our physicians and staff are appreciated for listening to learn and anticipating what patients and families want and need both emotionally and clinically. For that reason, patients and families feel comfortable with us and have confidence in our care. Nothing matters more to us than their well-being.
Both our cardiologists and vascular surgeons achieve results that typically exceed those of published national standards. In fact, our heart program has been recognized by the U.S. government as one of the country’s most successful programs for heart attack victims, and our vascular program has been so successful in treating patients that physicians from across the U.S. and Canada visit our practice to learn from us.